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Kirwan's Lane

Kirwan’s Lane

In the heart of The Latin Quarter you will find the most enduring of lane ways, home to some of the best loved & favourite shops and restaurants in Galway. Kirwan’s Lane seafood bar and restaurant is a real gem and islocated beside Judy Greene’s Pottery Shop. You won’t escape Kirwan’s Lane without sampling the delights of Goyas bakery and you will not be able to resist the fish and chips in the world famous McDonagh’s.
Kirwan’s Lane lay in ruins for many years before being revamped and restored to its former splendor. History tells us it was here in the late 18th century that Richard Martin built a 100 seat theatre for his wife. The theatre saw many acclaimed performances in its day, and among those to tread the boards were the rebel patriot, Theobald Wolfe Tone, Richard Martin himself, and his wife.

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