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Salthill Promenade

Salthill Prom  


There are not many places in Galway that you would wantto be if the sun is shining! Salthill Promenade (or The Prom as the locals refersto it!) is one of Galway’s favourite locations.

Located on the northern inner shore of Galway Bay, Galwaycity is located to the East, and the Aran Islands are out to the West. There’san old expression which goes, 'when you see Aran and the Clare hills it’s asign of rain and when you can’t see them, it’s actually raining!

The Irish for Salthill is ‘Bóthar na Trá’, whichliterally means ‘the road by the sea’. The main road west to Connemara was ‘AnBóthar Ard’ (‘the high road’) or Taylor’s Hill as it is known today. Twohundred years ago, the Salthill area was mostly agricultural land around asmall village occupied mostly by fishermen.

Now Salthill is home to many famous pubs and restaurantsand has number Galway hotels. Ed Sheeran increased Salthill’s popularity byrecording a song ‘Galway Girl’ and filming the video in the local O’Connor’s Bar. 

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