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The House Hotel and Cocktails, a match made in hospitality heaven

by thehousehotel

Ok, so it’s been a little while since we’ve posted a blog so we said we’d get back on the bandwagon and start attempting to make a habit of these… instead of ignoring it and moving to the end of the “to-do” list…!

So then comes about the idea of what to write about…. I’ve decided what better to start back with than cocktails :-)

It's no secret that we love cocktails here at The House Hotel… creating them, making them, serving them…. and also drinking the odd one! The General Manager and I (the Sales & Marketing Manager) like to think we are quite the pro’s when it comes to cocktails… when in fact it is simply drinking them that I think we may be pro’s at! There’s always a worried look on our faces if we get caught behind the bar and someone asks us for one.

We’ve just finalised the design of our new menu – specifically put together by ourTOP barman Colm (otherwise referred to as “Colly” behind the bar, and will be seen most Saturdays at approx. 4pm surrounded by hens… with his shirt off!!!)
Few pic's of Colm below - yes he does like to dress up

Colm on the left - pic taken during Race Week 2013




Colm after winning the Connacht Heats of the Powers Irish Coffee Making Championships




Colm surround by the selection of Galway Rose candidates (he does love his job!)




Colm with his former partner in crime "Killers" during the launch of the Galway Sea Festival 2013





Anyhoo, so “Colly” spent a little bit of time doing some market research, putting his pallet to good use, did a lot of testing (and a little tasting), and the results of which are amazing I must admit. We all argue as to which one is out favourite (mine is the Pink Champagne Mojito – YUM!) but there are certainly plenty to choose from. 

The delights of having top mixologists behind our bar is that along with our regular menu we also get to showcase House Specials every week – so there’s something new to try out every week (is it any wonder we love our jobs?!) 

Here’s a pic of our Race Week Special…. Little Jockey, Big Whip (Colm’s creation… need I mention!).  






It was delicious by the way….




Or another one from Race Week - Moscow Mule











In other cocktail news we were listed by one of Ireland's top magazines, STELLAR as one of the Best Cocktail Bar's in Ireland (that's pretty cool eh?!) Check out the piece below or pick up this month's copy of the magazine which is on the shelf as I type.









In June this year we were extremely proud to be nominated by the Restaurant Association of Ireland for their "Best Cocktail Experience" award in the annual RAI Awards. Part of the nomination required venues to create a cocktail specifically for the RAI Awards. Our guys had great fun with this, Cillian (a.k.a Killers) ended up representting the hotel with his cocktail creation "More Than Meets The RAI". Cillian and I travelled to the Burlington for the awards ceremony, a fantastic event! We didn't win on the night, but we decided it was fair to say we came 2nd!









Another thing our guys throw a good hand at are our infamous Cockail Classes (you may have read about these in this month's Irish Tatler magazine, see below if not)










A Cocktail Class here in The House Hotel is a reason in itself to come to Galway! The guys would challenge talented actors for an Oscar with the preformance they put on. Sometimes I don't know how they get away with what they do, but needless to say we are still awaiting a complaint from any guest (touch-wood!).

Between Colm stripping off, Arainn striking poses that David Gandy would find hard to compete with, and Peter speding more time chatting than mixing - it's no wonder the girls fall at their feet... and it's no wonder that the guys can't understand how we would ever say a bad word about them (",)

Costing only €19.95pp a cocktail class here at The House Hotel can be booked for a minimum of 8 people, and are available every day of the week, booking is essential however.

Including demonstration, tasting, a cocktail - and the opportunity to spend an hour and a half with our guys, a cocktail class is the perfect way to shake up your night! The art of cocktail mixing is known by very few and we do like to share our little secrets and teach one and all how to make the perfect Cosmopolitan.

Call us today on 091 538900 to book your class!

That's all for now folks, there is word of a possible "market research" trip to the Capital to see how things are progressing up there cocktail-wise so stay tuned... Aislinn x  


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